Recife: Enjoy the Venice of Brazil


The city gets its name from the reef that protects it. The city is built around many canals, inlets, and bridges. There are plenty of things to do out here. If you want to make the most of your visit, here are a few things that you need to check out.

Attend a Carnival

If you are in this city, missing out on the great carnival would have been a great mistake. Drop in on a Saturday to catch a glimpse of Galo da Madrugada. This is a parade I found out about from my friend who owns Burnetts Moving Services in Spokane.  He said that his parade attracts over 2 million visitors. This was something I had never witnessed before. It takes the goes through the bridge and is considered to be one of the largest party that takes place on the streets.

Relax at the Beach

Ask anyone who has visited Brazil as to what is the quintessential thing that they did and they would tell you, relaxing and sunbathing on the beach. Boa Viagem is one of the best beaches that I came across and many people will agree to this. The beach is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and shops. It served to be a great place to unwind.

Go Shopping

The affluent city has several shopping centers where you can shop to your hearts’ content. There are local stores and some designer stores. You get all kinds to stuff. One of the best shopping centers in the country is RioMar Recife.

Marvel at the Majestic Castle

Instituto Ricardo Brennand is worth checking out. Even though it is not medieval, it is spectacular. A stroll around the castle told me that is filled with armor suits, swords, and other knightly items. There are also some historical artifacts and artwork that are on display in here. It helped me learn about the history associated with the castle.

St. John’s, New Brunswick: Explore The European Town Of North America


Most of the people tend to underestimate the town of St. John’s. However, tugged beneath the tough exterior of the city, are numerous cultural and historical sites. One of the oldest European Town that, you will find in North America. I took a weekend trip to St. Johns and a great time. I learned that more than half of the town had been burned down during the fire of 1877. Check out the things that you can do when you are in St. John’s.

  • Reversing Falls Rapids

Visit the Saint John River’s Reversing Fall. The rising tide forces against the flow of the river. This makes the water to surge upstream. When it is low tide, the sea level is about 4 meters below the river and you will find the water torrent pouring into the bay. With the rising tide, the river flow slackens and ultimately it becomes still prior to reversing. During high water, the water level rises over 4 meters above this river. I was lucky enough to visit during this time to witness the spectacular reversal flow. Visit the Reversing Fall Bridge to get a good view.

  • Irving Nature Park

The park covers an area of 600 meters. This a coastal terrain that has a volcanic rock, forests, long sandy beach, and salt marsh and mud flats. What I loved the most was watching the marine and migratory birds. There are many walking trails with varying difficulty and length.

  • Downtown Saint John

The city center is full of life and I had a pleasant experience exploring it on foot. I came across shopping centers, historic cemeteries, heritage buildings, and lots more. King’s Square, the center of the city has one two-stored bandstand. Check out the Barbour’s General Store which offers a lot of merchandise and you can buy some as souvenirs.

St. Catharine’s: Best Things To Do In The Garden City


The Garden City, St. Catharine has been named so because of the numerous parks, gardens, and trails. It harbors 4 square kilometers of lush green area. You will find this city on your own route to the Niagara Falls. Starting from shopping to rowing, I had so much fun. Here is a list of best things to do when you are in St. Catharine’s.

  • Visit the port

Port Dalhousie community is a great area. I loved the waterfront area. You can simply wander around the port and breathe in fresh air. Sitting on Lake Ontario, it houses the most popular beach of St. Catharine’s. There is an antique carousel in the Lakeside Park. The port is the primary terminus for Well and Canal.

  • Go for a walk in the woods

Trails covering 90 kilometers of land are great for cycling, walking, and jogging. If you are lucky enough to visit during the winter, the trails are open for skiing. Bruce Trail is the oldest one and has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, my favorite was the Waterfront Trail which runs along Lake Ontario.

  • Sip on wine

At Catharine’s is home to many vineyards. Thus, if you are a wine lover you should surely visit those. I went on a wine tasting tour and spend the entire afternoon sipping world-class wines. It is famous for white wines but red wine is also offered. The tasting tour comprises of a gourmet meal and ends with dinner.

  • Visit a waterfall

If you are a waterfall lover, you should not miss out on the DeCew Falls. There are two falls mainly Lower DeCew Fall and Upper DeCew Fall. The Lower fall is 7.5 meters high and the Upper fall is 22 meters high. If you want you can check out the large waterfall from Morningstar Mill.

At Mazatlán Have The Fun Unlimited


Mexico has some of the most wonderful cities and Mazatlán is one of them. It is the Mexican resort town that has the Pacific shoreline and the city is in Sinaloa. I got to know about this city through one of my friends who is from Mexico only. He told me about the sandy beaches of Mazatlan and the fun of fishing there, some of the cities most famous landmarks. So, I decided to travel to Mazatlan to check it. There is no shortage of accommodation here; you will get good and affordable hotels anytime. And the city is really a fun place to come on holiday.

The first place that I visited in the city was the beach that my friend told me about. It is a 21km-long Clearwater beach. And it is world renowned for big-game fishing. Then I saw the Centro Histórico landmarks belong to the 19th century, along with the performance hall Teatro Ángela Peralta as well as Immaculate Conception basilica the towering. He had told me about the Zona Dorada as well, about its nightlife, so I decided to explore that as well as trust me if you are a nightlife lover, don’t miss the place. There are ample discs present with lots and lots of entertainment and food options.

It is not like beach and nightlife are the only attraction of Mazatlán. The offshore is equally vibrant. Isla de Pájaros, Isla de Venados, and Isla de Lobos have water in surrounding and it encompasses the marine reserve. It attracts the kayakers and snorkelers from all over the world. I too tried this and my experience was amazing. You can also try snorkeling and kayaking under expert supervision.

The other popular and interesting beaches here are Playa Gaviotas, Playa Olas Altas, and Playa Sábalo. These are famous for water sports such as surfing, water skiing etc. So, when you in Mazatlán, you will have water fun unlimited.

Kyoto: Four Amazing Places to Visit


Kyoto is the capital of Japan. That makes it the place to learn contemplation and meditation. You can also discover its rich cultural heritage, martial arts and of course the breathtaking sites. There are a lot of things you can do in Kyoto. Even the locals here have not finished visiting all the cultural attractions. However, there are top four must-see attractions to start with. Otherwise, to visit all the major attractions in this city, can take years.

Kyoto Temples

There are more than a thousand temples in Kyoto. You must know that in Japan, like all other Asian countries, religion is the center of all things. You cannot visit all the temples (they are all worth visiting!) however, you can start with the best or the most visited temple in Kyoto.  Once there, first learn, or try to understand meditation. Do not just be silent. Meditation is a mental exercise you can only master by practicing. The Nanzen-ji temple is worthy of a visit. It is found in Higashiyama district. It is surrounded by lush green vegetation so that your meditation becomes effortless. If you do not like crowds, consider visiting the Tofuku-ji temple. It looks abandoned, but this is an advantage because otherwise, you will not have ample time to study the Japanese religion. Daitoku-ji and kinkaku-ji temples are also worth checking out. By the time you are done with these four, you will be as contemplative as any ordinary Japanese.

Best Restaurants

There is nothing as satisfying as knowing a place entirely.  If you want to fully understand Kyoto, find a good restaurant and then feast on the gastronomic treats they offer. How else can your insides know you are here?  The Kyoto local culinary will keep you begging for more. There are many restaurants you can find here. Try as time would allow you, to visit the Kiyamachi Sakuragawa restaurant. These restaurants are the best places to sample Kaiseki Cuisine. You will see many tourists enjoying this rare delicacy here. You can also visit the Sushisei restaurant. It is famed as the best moderately priced Sushi restaurants in Kyoto. Other restaurants like Den Shichi, Gaucho Sushi and Karako, are also worth a visit. When you sample Kyoto food, you will understand why Japanese lifespan is so long.

Kyoto’s Best Art

Kyoto is very a vibrant city. This energy is expressed in art and ceremonies. There are plenty of places to learn Japanese art in Kyoto, but the best are the museums and galleries. You can visit either the Kyoto International Manga museum or the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art. There are also world-class galleries which should interest you. In either place, do not forget to carry a camera; what you will see is worth preserving.


You can not possibly know Japanese life by visiting once. You will have to come here, again and again, to even start understanding the culture and life of Japanese. Kyoto is still the best place to explore the history and values of the Japanese. It has everything you need to know about this Asian country.