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Have you ever heard of the best vape juice flavors? Juul is a simple to use pod vape/e-cigarette that has been created for vapers who want to use a product that resembles a cigarette in terms of weight and size. It is also a product that many experienced vapers use who are searching for a stealth vape in a minuscule size.


The pod holder is almost 1.5 cm in width and 9 cm long and it resembles a long USB stick. In fact, it almost weighs about the same as a long USB stick. It, therefore, is perfect for putting in your pocket or purse. It comes with four different flavor pods that are easily placed on the device. The four pods include Fruit Melody, Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, and Creme Brule. Each flavor cartridge has 5% nicotine by weight and .07 mL of cheap ejuice. The product comes with a one-year warranty and a magnetic USB charging device.

The total price of the vaporizer starter kit is under $50 which makes it an ideal gift for anyone who is interested in using this type of smoking device. One of the reasons why this product is fast becoming one of the best sellers on the e-cigarette market is because of its unique size and design. People are also raving about the flavor of the four various pods. By selecting the starter kit it will allow you to try each flavor pod and choose the one that you prefer for future purchases.

To begin your vaping is simply a matter of inserting one of the flavor pods into the device until it clicks into place. As soon as the flavor pod is fully inserted into the unit you are ready to gently start vaping. It is exactly the same type of draw as you would do with a normal cigarette. Also, it is extremely easy to use and you will not need to press any buttons or turn on any devices to start vaping. The device will begin to produce vapor as soon as you inhale.

If you need to check on the life of the battery, it is simply a matter of tapping twice anywhere on the device. A light will flash either red, yellow, or green. Red means that you will need to recharge your Juul soon whereas green means a high battery level and yellow means a medium battery level. It is very easy to Promo Coderecharge your unit with the magnetic USB charger that is provided. All it takes is to insert the charger into a USB port and your unit will be recharged in under one hour.

The flavor pods have a high nicotine level and will give you an extremely hard-hit. The reason for this is to mimic the same throat hit that you would get from smoking a cigarette. This unit, in respect to mimicking a cigarette throat hit, does a stellar job and it is a great way to provide you with the nicotine hit that cigarettes provide.

The flavor pods contain approximately 0.7 mL of e-juice which is similar to smoking one pack of cigarettes. A pod will normally last for approximately one day of medium usage. Yes, the Juul starter kit may be the perfect choice as a gift for yourself or for anyone else who enjoys this type of vaping experience. You can get the best deal with vapor dna coupons.

Using E-Cigarette – What Vaping Does to Your Body

Fortunately, things have gotten to a point that quitting smoking has become easier than ever. Very few people are successful at quitting cold turkey without any kind of assistance or help.

Quitting Smoking

Things got considerably better for smokers in the last few decades with prescription medicines that blocked nicotine receptors in the brain, as well as various nicotine replacement therapies ranging from patches to gums. Vapers that use an ecigarette posted that the success rates in quitting smoking boosted dramatically.


Between mechanical mods and choosing or even making your own ejuice flavors to vape, you can truly customize your experience to match your own preferences. When it is something that you have that much creative control over.