St. John’s, New Brunswick: Explore The European Town Of North America


Most of the people tend to underestimate the town of St. John’s. However, tugged beneath the tough exterior of the city, are numerous cultural and historical sites. One of the oldest European Town that, you will find in North America. I took a weekend trip to St. Johns and a great time. I learned that more than half of the town had been burned down during the fire of 1877. Check out the things that you can do when you are in St. John’s.

  • Reversing Falls Rapids

Visit the Saint John River’s Reversing Fall. The rising tide forces against the flow of the river. This makes the water to surge upstream. When it is low tide, the sea level is about 4 meters below the river and you will find the water torrent pouring into the bay. With the rising tide, the river flow slackens and ultimately it becomes still prior to reversing. During high water, the water level rises over 4 meters above this river. I was lucky enough to visit during this time to witness the spectacular reversal flow. Visit the Reversing Fall Bridge to get a good view.

  • Irving Nature Park

The park covers an area of 600 meters. This a coastal terrain that has a volcanic rock, forests, long sandy beach, and salt marsh and mud flats. What I loved the most was watching the marine and migratory birds. There are many walking trails with varying difficulty and length.

  • Downtown Saint John

The city center is full of life and I had a pleasant experience exploring it on foot. I came across shopping centers, historic cemeteries, heritage buildings, and lots more. King’s Square, the center of the city has one two-stored bandstand. Check out the Barbour’s General Store which offers a lot of merchandise and you can buy some as souvenirs.